Position all implements with precision and repeatability!

Economical, simple, and unique, the universal guidance interface DynaTrac is compatible with all models of tractors equipped with an RTK (or camera) guidance system and fits with all implements.

Capitalizing on several years of R & D and sales in the United States and Europe, DynaTrac range of interface makes it possible to follow the tractor path with any implement. It allows using standard implements and reaping the benefits of precision farming at every stage of the crop.


Increase profitability and efficiency for all crops through accuracy!

While all farmers face the challenges of profitability and care for the environment, DynaTrac position any implement with precision and repeatability generating:

• Higher yields
• Improved productivity
• Operational savings
• Reduced operator fatigue
• Reduced inputs by eliminating overlap of fertilizer, seed, chemical and tillage operations

DynaTrac® Range


• Ideal for pulled implement
• Ideal for semi-mounted implement
• Simple
• Economical

DynaTrac® ULTIMA & DynaTrac® PREMIUM

Versatile guided hitch, compatible with: 
• Pulled, semi-mounted and carried implements
• Tractors equipped with an active implement guidance system
• PTO driven implements (DynaTrac® ULTIMA)

Les DynaTrac® PREMIUM & ULTIMA have an exclusive design that replicates all the features of a tractor rear hitch. This allows positioning of the implement easily, precisely and with repeatability by following the instructions of the guidance system.



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6 meter bedder | DynaTrac ULTIMA

Leek planting | DynaTrac PREMIUM

Striptill | DynaTrac ULTIMA

Corn planting | DynaTrac PREMIUM