Front hitches – Front PTOs – Electronic controls


Front hitches

LAFORGE offers a large range of front linkages covering all the requirements of farmers with several versions adapted to different uses for most tractors:

Standard (ST): common applications / centered load
Premium (PR): demanding applications / offset load
Heavy Duty (HD): intensive applications

Allowing you to choose the front hitch that suits best your budget and application.

Front PTOs

LAFORGE offers a complete range of robust and reliable front PTOs allowing to work intensively during a long time.

Counter Clockwise rotation – when looking at the shaft
Ideal for using a front mower or a rotary tiller

Clockwise rotation – when looking at the shaft
Allows the use of a rear implement at the front of the tractor such as a shredder or a snow blower.

LAFORGE front PTOs are robust and reliable allowing you to work intenseively for a long time.

Electronic controls

LAFORGE developed a range of electronic controls to serve you at best by making the front hitches smart.

From position control (DynaContour), which allows you to follow the areas of the field by maintaining a constant working depth, including load deflection to work without problems with a front implement and active GPS guidance.

Your productivity is our priority!

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