Dozer blades

Paying attention to the users’ needs led LAFORGE to develop a complete range of solid and versatile blades for agricultural tractors.
These blades mounted on front hitches ensure maximum productivity with several configurations: straight, 2-stage and angle blades.

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What makes difference

The 12 mm steel moldboardand the reinforcing profile across the lower part makes a blade with exceptional resistance against pushing load, even with high horsepower tractors.

  The right / left angle adjustment up to 29 degrees (with 1 or 2 cylinders depending on the blade width) allows easy and accurate control of material flow.

 ✔ The compact design reduces overhang and results in great clearance in “up” position.

 ✔ Parking stands ensure the stability of the blade when unhooked and ease hook-up..

 ✔ The replaceable cutting edge is made from high tensile steel. It mounts seamless with the surface of the moldboard for a cleaner material flow.

Dozer blades range

Width choice for each model : 2.5m – 3m – 3.5m

 Straight blade

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Simple and solid blade at an attractive price thanks to its direct mounting on the front hitch.

2-stage blade

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The ideal solution for silage. It gives you maximum productivity with great comfort of use to make a difference on your silage work!

Designed at the request of users, the angle blade provides excellent vertical clearance and maximum compactness. Its unique performance allows to make perfect silage pit.

Angle blade


Solid and versatile blades for all your needs:

• Silage : perfect for making pits
Earth removal : allows to make a pathway or to do earthworks on the farm
Snow removal : very convenient for plowing snow in winter for municipality or in farm area.

Available in option


Skid shoe (pair)

to control the working depth
(for earth moving tasks)


Snow kit

includes height adjustable caster wheels
and polyurethane cutting edge